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Chess is a rare game that transcends gender, cultural, national, intellectual, and socioeconomic barriers and offers limitless opportunities for guided exploration of the many parallels between the game and life.

The Royal Oak Initiative aims to develop students personally and professionally through the creation of powerful and meaningful relationships using the game of chess. Through participation in the program, students will not only be able grow into competent and competitive chess players, but will also have the opportunity to connect with young positive role models in the community who have a passion for education and mentoring.


Founded in 2016 in Columbus, OH, the Royal Oak Initiative  was born out of a desire to significantly and sustainably equip under-served populations with the education and the resources needed to eliminate personal and economic challenges as obstacles to success.

With a focus on youth grades 7-12, chess themed discussions and activities will empower participants to develop fruitful relationships with peers and mentors, to expand their professional horizons, to learn the fundamentals of finance and to master the skills needed for success in chess and life. 


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If you are passionate about empowering young people in chess or life, please consider supporting The royal oak initiative financially. We are raising funds to provide chess boards, snacks, and materials for our after-school programming. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and can be submitted through Paypal or Square cash to thank you for your support!


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